Training Workshop Agenda

Number 1 in Shop ManagementWorking in Manager: Day 1 subjects will include:

Getting more out of your Management system

Work-In-Progress Screen Tour

o Display Options, Customization – User Options
o Delete Estimates by Date Range
o Using the Schedule
o Day / Month View
o Printing the Schedule
o Changing Appt. to Estimate
o Demonstrations


o Program Setup Areas
o Shop Data
o Standard Tables
o Standard Descriptions
o Technicians
o Reports/Printers
o Database Backups
o Settings
o Features / Customization
o Types of Media

Customer Update Function

o Vehicle Screen
o Recommendations
o Deleting a Customer/Vehicle
o Change Ownership of Vehicle

Order Screen

o Symptoms
o Revision Screen
o Transfer Revision Screen
o History Screen / Find History F4
o Search Types
o Program Security Overview

o Order Screen Overview
o Order Options: (Tour)
o Symptoms: Creating/Applying/Settings
o Moving/Deleting Line Item(s)
o Deleting an Estimate/Quick Est.
o Deleting an RO/Invoice/Counter Sale
o Order Item Entry Overview

Tax Settings Overview

Changing Tax Rate (System)
o For Customer
o For Vehicle
o For Order Line Item(s)

Working in Manager: Day 2 subjects will include:

Getting more out of your Management system


o One Time Notes
o Stored Notes
o Notes as Recommendations


o Entering Parts from Inventory/Part List
o User Entered Unit Sale $
o Pick List for Repair Orders
o Pricing Options
o Inventory Indicators
o Purchase Orders

Overview of Catalogs

o Connectivity Explained
o Linked Vendor Setup
o Electronic Parts Ordering
o Part Pricing /Ordering
o Pricing Options


o Labor Order Item Entry Overview
o Labor - Internal
o Multi-Tech; Commission Split
o Changing Labor Rates (Default/Item Level)
o Non-Standard Labor Rate (Flat-Rate labor item)
o External - Sublet


o Packages Overview
o Discount Coupons

Part Kits & Canned Jobs

o Creating a Parts Kit
o Bundled Pricing
o Setting Part Prompts
o Creating a Canned Job
o Copy & Paste from Order Screen or History to Save as Canned Job
o Attaching Part Kit(s)
o Saving Labor/Repair lines as a Canned Job

Tips & Tricks

o Deleting a Payment (Live/History)
o Tips on Searching & Entering Parts
o Tag/Transfer Multiple Parts
o How many ways to LOF
o Storing LOF in Revision #9
o Follow Up Letters and Postcards
o Keyboard Shortcuts


o Inventory Overview
o Entering Parts into Inventory List
o User Entered Unit Sale $
o Attached Parts
o Alternate Parts
o Alternate Price
o On-Hand, On Order, Committed
o Purchase Orders
o Ordering for Low Stock

Working with Reports

o Which used on daily basis
o Monthly basis, etc
o End-Of-Day Reports Function

Followup Concepts

o Letters
o Postcards
o CRM basics

Take Your Shop To The Next Level

o Advanced Tips & Tricks
o Shop Mgmt Users Forum
o Other shop mgmt training resources